5 Things To Look For In Short-Term Home Rentals
Mar 23, 2021||Tips , Vacation Rental

Great reviews are always the best indicator that you'll enjoy your stay in a rental. But what compels guests to take the time to write a positive review? One key factor is how much effort the host puts into making them feel welcome. Here are five important things to look for when choosing a short-term rental home.

  1. Quality Home Photos

You want to see listings that include high quality photos of the home and its features. Check for descriptions that go beyond the typical language to convey a clear sense of what the home is like.

  1. Stocked Up Basics

There's nothing more frustrating than arriving to a new place only to find one roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, no extra towels, or near empty shampoo bottles. Hosts that go out of their way to stock up on the basics for their guests tend to reap the benefits of better reviews.

  1. Automation and Security

Advanced guest services like an automated check-in/out process, security cameras, and air quality monitors are a good sign that the rental home is properly managed.

  1. Guest Guidebook

Knowing how to work the smart TV and where to put the recycling is a big help when you've just arrived to a new place. Look for a custom guest guidebook with instructions on home features, neighborhood info etc. to acquaint you with the property and the area.

  1. A Responsive Host

Good communication is critical and helps set the right expectations for the guest experience early on. A host who follows up to ensure their guests are settling in well and have everything they need says a lot about their commitment to hospitality.

At any rate, choosing a short-term or extended stay rental through Gia provides you with a higher value to quality ratio than the average hotel would. Discover our range of luxury housing options with full kitchens, 24-hour guest services and more.