Best Hotels in the World with Unique Accommodations
Mar 23, 2021||Travel , Vacation Rental

Already wondering where to go once Covid is over?

Have you ever dreamed of vacationing under the sea? How about in the treetops of a rain forest or perched in a cliffside cave? It turns out that hotels all over the world are catering to adventurous travelers who want unique and out-of-the-ordinary vacation experiences. Pretty soon you’ll be able to add “pods on the moon” to your bucket list of vacation destinations, but in the mean time, you can check out some of the most awesome hotels on Earth.

Here are some of the most unique hotel experiences in the world:

Underwater Hotel 

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, in one of the most architecturally spectacular cities in the world. The resort offers two underwater suites, aptly referred to as the Poseidon Suite and the Neptune Suite. While incredibly expensive at around $8,500 per night, the breathtaking views and being able to literally live among the sealife make it totally worth it. So go ahead and take out that second mortgage, you deserve a few nights with the stingrays and your kids will do just fine in community college. The three-story suites feature multiple living and dining rooms and a bathroom that looks out onto an underwater lagoon with more than 65,000 sea creatures (hope you don’t get stage fright). And the room wouldn’t be complete a without a bar of gold soap ( in color and precious metal) and 24-hour room service.

Treehouse Hotel

The Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel near Manaus, Brazil, is one of the world’s largest treehouse hotels. It is located just 35 miles from the Amazon gateway in Manaus and houses guests in amazing treetop hotel rooms. It’s the perfect place to fulfill your childhood fantasy of living in your treehouse, but with luxury accommodations and gourmet food instead of a blanket fort and a beef jerky. The hotel features the “Tarzan House,” which is built at canopy level and has its own balcony, pool and jacuzzi. There are stairways and wooden catwalks that are 70 feet off the forest floor and stretch for almost ten miles around and through the hotel. However, it is the incredible flora and fauna that steal the show. Friendly monkeys, macaws, sloths and parrots happily share their home with hotel guests.

Igloo Hotel

Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland gives you the chance to sleep under the stars in the coolest (and warmest) way possible. Get a crystal-clear view of the famously beautiful Northern Lights from your own igloo in the Igloo Village of the hotel. The igloos feature perfectly clear glass-domed roofs where you can enjoy the view of the Aurora Borealis (which I momentarily confused with David Boreanaz––also a nice view) in comfort and style. The hotel is located in the wilderness of Finland’s Urho National Park. The sparse trees and lack of light pollution make it an ideal place for viewing the Northern Lights. The main hotel also features a smoke sauna, an ice bar and a snow chapel.

Cliffside Cave Hotel

The Caves Resort, located on and in the limestone cliffs of the Negril Coast in West End Jamaica, are the ultimate in oceanfront and cliffside accommodations. There are twelve guest rooms, a private dining cave, a bar and even a spa, all tucked into the caves on the cliff. Enjoy seven miles of perfect white-sand beaches and the hypnotically blue water of the ocean. The Caves were designed as an artful labyrinth that combines nature and luxury. The guest rooms are one- or two-bedroom cottage suites and in addition to the irresistible ocean, hotel guests have a salt-water swimming pool and jacuzzi to enjoy. The pool is situated in such a way that its deck makes the perfect diving board for a plunge into the ocean below. This sort of cliff jumping is allowed and encouraged (unlike jumping off your balcony into the pool at the Marriott…) The Caves really is the be-all end-all of tropical vacation accommodations and makes a romantic honeymoon destination.

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